Fireworks Safety 101.  

We can all get carried away with the excitement of shooting off fireworks.  It is certainly a big deal around our family for as long as I can remember.  Each year we have a great time shooting and watching fireworks.  Our goal here is to help you and your family enjoy the most American of holidays safely while having a blast.  

Ever had Grandma not talk to you at the Fourth of July BBQ because she is insistent that you were trying to collect the inheritance early?  She doesn't move as fast as she used to and that cake has a mind of its own.  Simply taking the time to properly stake it to the ground with a piece of wood or rebar goes a long way to keeping the peace and stay in her good graces.  

For sparklers, use a plastic cup with a hole punched in the bottom to hold sparklers for the little ones.  Inverted, the cup shields the hand and keeps the anxiety level modest.  Today, you can even purchase "cool burn" sparklers.  We have had them for the last couple of years and they are growing in popularity.  Anyone out there remember the metal ones that got hotter than the sun?  

Keeping other shooters away from your display area is pretty important as well.  Many years ago we experienced an impromptu show thanks to an errant shot from a roman candle.  About $1200 in fireworks shot off in about 90 seconds.  Would have been a great display if it weren't for the fact we were trying to move that truck and not catch the entire field on fire.  No one "admitted" to doing anything wrong, but assuredly something very unfortunate happened that day.  It took a few years before any of us wanted to shoot another show.  Fortunately, time heals all wounds and our improved safety measures allow us to completely control the shoot area and who comes and goes.  It also helps this was before Instagram or Tik-Tok.  We could all be famous for an entirely different reason! 

I say all this because your safety is important to us.  Sharing our experience, both good and bad, are as important as the products we sell.   We hope you take the time to practice safely.  If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to connect and share any resources we have.  

-Noble Arrow Fireworks

What is in a Firework?

Fireworks come in all shapes and sizes.  Most are quite simple.  Gunpowder, cardboard and salts.  Others require many man hours to complete and cost as much as a used car.   The science of fireworks is much deeper than most can appreciate.  Check the graphic to the left and click on the link for an interview with an organic scientist as they discuss the chemistry involved in producing your favorite pyrotechnics.   I learned a lot from the article.  It will be cool nerding out this year watching the displays and being able to tell what EXACTLY caused that color/effect.  

Fireworks display types.  What's the difference?

1.3G Explosives Formerly known as Class B special fireworks. Items classified as 1.3G explosives are display fireworks.  Expect to never see these in a customer facing environment.  There are strict laws to the storage, handling, manufacture, purchase and use of these products.  That being said, anyone who as been to one of these shows walks away awe struck.  We keep saying "maybe one day" but doubtful that day will ever come.  We simply have too much fun talking consumer fireworks, seeing happy faces at the stands and helping others build the best displays for their family and friends.  

1.4G Explosives Formerly known as Class C common fireworks. Items classified as 1.4G explosives are consumer fireworks intended for use by the general public.  These are the ones featured in every tent, booth, and store around our nation.  The sheer abundance, variety and varying effects are what make this classification our favorite.  Plus, it is the ones we can afford to shoot ourselves.  

As a backyard shooter, you can do some amazing things with the current crop of consumer grade fireworks and firing solutions.  The new Ignite module allows you to customize an entire show right from your smartphone.  Best of all, over 90% of the products we sell are Ignite compatible.  We hope to be carrying the full line of Ignite products this year.